Online Banking

Online Banking

Now you can do your banking and manage your money, whenever and wherever you want – 24 hours a day, seven days a week with the convenience of Colonial Bank FSB online banking.
Bill Pay – FREE with Unlimited Transactions*
With Colonial Bank FSB’s bill payment feature, you can pay your bills without writing checks or buying stamps!

  • Pay fixed payment bills, such as mortgage, rent and loans.
  • Pay variable payment bills, such as credit cards and utilities.
  • Make occasional and even one-time payments, such as medical and repair bills.

To utilize bill payment, you must first be enrolled for online banking. If you have an account with Colonial Bank FSB, click on the “Online Banking Login/Registration” button above. If you do not a have Colonial Bank FSB account, please visit one of our offices.
When redirected to the next page, first time users please click the “Enroll On-Line” link. If you are a returning user and already have a Sign-On ID and Password, simply enter the information in the appropriate fields and click “Submit.”

Everyday eStatements
Go paperless with Everyday eStatements, the perfect solution to instantly manage accounts and view statements. Everyday eStatements are delivered to you online making them secure, fast, convenient and environmentally friendly too. Best of all, they are free!
And you don’t have to be a computer whiz to use Everyday eStatements. Each month we will send you a notification email. Simply login to view your statements online, print them, or save them on your computer. It’s that easy.
Everyday eStatements from Colonial Bank FSB are:

  • Secure – Minimize identity theft by keeping your periodic statements on our secure Online Banking site.
  • Fast – Say goodbye to the mail carrier. Access your statement online the day it is available.
  • Convenient – Access account statements instantly. No more filing!
  • Environmentally Friendly – Less paper is better for the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is Internet banking?
      Colonial Bank FSB’s Internet Banking allows you to perform most of the banking transactions from your computer.
    • How much does Internet Banking cost?
      Currently, there is no monthly service charge.
    • Can I pay bills online?
      Absolutely! When you sign up for Colonial Bank FSB’s Bill Pay feature you can pay virtually any company, or individual, in the United States.
    • What accounts can I make payments from?
      Bill Pay is available from any Colonial Bank FSB checking account.
    • Are there costs or charges associated with the Bill Pay feature?
      Currently, there is no monthly service charge for using our Bill Pay feature.
    • Is Colonial Bank FSB’s Internet Banking secure?
      Yes. Colonial Bank FSB is deeply committed to the safety and security of all customer information. Our system uses 128-bit encryption, one of the most technologically advanced methods for safeguarding information. In addition, you select a specific password for the system, adding another layer of security.
    • What is encryption?
      Encryption is a process that scrambles sensitive information into a series of unrecognizable characters to keep data safe.
    • What other precautions can I take to keep my information private?
      • Keep your password confidential.
      • Never let anyone else use it, and change it frequently.
      • Never pick a password that can be easily guessed.
      • Never leave your computer with Internet Banking active.
      • Always make sure that you completely and properly exit the system.
    • What do I need to get started?
      You can access Colonial Bank FSB’s Internet Banking from any computer with internet access and a Web browser that supports 128-bit encryption. Simply go to the Internet Banking Sign-On, click the “Enroll On-Line” link and complete the application.
  • If I need assistance, whom do I call?
    Please call (856) 205-0058, Internet Option.